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Livan Hernandez Is Wrapped Up In Puerto Rican Drug Dealer's Octopus Tentacles, Claims Awesome Graphic

Nationals pitcher and '97 World Series MVP Livan Hernandez is implicated in a case involving Puerto Rican drug kingpin Angel Ayala Vázquez (alternate titles: "Angelo Millones," "El Buster"). But he's not alone: El Vocero handily details all nine men compromised by the lawsuit and entangled in "los tentáculos de El Buster" with this lovely graphic.

We'd almost prefer to understand this story as it's served: Livan Hernandez is trapped in the terrifying clutches of a rather apathetic-looking half-human-half-octopus along with "El Caballero de la Salsa" and, accordingly, won't be able to pitch against the Mets tomorrow night. But it turns out that Hernandez allegedly laundered money on behalf of Vázquez, and could face criminal charges as a result of the federal probe.


The Nationals have not yet commented on their octopus-bound starter.

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