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Live Chat With Peter King

Funny that as soon as we got off the phone with Mr. King yesterday, one stalker-y reader sent this pic of him post-workout in Boston. Now, you get to talk to him. Compliment him on his calves below.


They are filiming a movie right next to my work in the South End of Boston. I took out my camera and went for a walk to try to get a glimpse of Cameron Diaz etc because it's rare we get actual celebrities around here. As I am walking back to my office I see Peter King talking fitness with one of the Boston Sports Clubs Physical Trainers. I usually see him at the coffee shop around the corner stuffing his face, but looks like he's gotten off his ass and tried to lose some of that cake that is pasted to the inside of his colon. Eat your heart out Drew! You fat bastard.

(Thanks Dave M. for the pic and email.)

Now, talk to Peter.

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