Live SportsCenter Hit From Cuba Interrupted By Protester

The 6 p.m. SportsCenter, featuring an extended live hit from Cuba by Bob Ley, was interrupted when a pamphlet-clad protester jumped up onto the set, threw his pamphlets and yelled something. The producer quickly threw to Karl Ravech, Doug Glanville, and Eduardo Perez, who were clearly dumbfounded at what was going on.

A few minutes later the program cut back to Bob Ley, and—credit to ESPN— he spent a few minutes explaining what had happened. The man, who was advocating for various political reforms, was quickly arrested by Cuban plainclothes officers who swarmed the set, scooping up all the pamphlets that the SportsCenter crew had not already grabbed. Ley then smartly transitioned into a brief monologue about how the interruption underscored the historic occasion of playing baseball games in Cuba, and President Obama being the first president to visit the island nation since Calvin Coolidge.



Correction: This post originally said the SportsCenter was hosted live from Cuba by Bob Ley. It was actually hosted from Bristol by Lindsay Czarniak.

Reporter at the New York Times