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Live-Streaming The Love Life And After-Life Of Steve McNair

McNair's best friend Robert Gaddy says, despite all glaring indications, Mechelle and Steve weren't getting for a divorce. Nope, the happy couple was buying a new home together. Now stop asking him about the 20-year-old girlfriend.

People need to quit talking about what they don't know. Mac never said anything to me about he was going to get a divorce, and ever since this has all happened everybody is trying to paint a certain picture and they need to talk about what they know,"


Thank you, Robert. What is now known: the state medical examiners are even more confident it was a murder-suicide. Press conference is set for 2:45 CMT. The Tennesseean is live-streaming it, which for a short period of time also had an unmonitored message board. They wisely shut it down, sparing those interested from comments like this while people fiddle around with microphones on the dais:

Steve McNair: I'm chatting from hell

Other various items of McNair Murder Minutiae:

• Bizarre ex-boyfriend Keith Norfleet is not a suspect. His rap song "Closed Casket" is not about Steve McNair. Cops checked. Nope, just your average bravado-filled rap song performed by a white dude about putting bullet holes in people who step to him or something. But he did once throw a phone at Sahel Kazemi. He kept it real.

• Just because he was shot four times by his mistress does not make Steve McNair a Hall Of Famer, football writers say. Here's the overriding sentiment summed up by John McClain of the Houston Chronicle (not the one who thwarted a terrorist attack at Nakatomi Plaza): "He was real good most of the time and great some of the time. But I don't think he was great enough long enough."

Kazemi was planning on redecorating. She tried to sell her furniture via Craig's List the day of the murder:


Strap in.



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