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Photo: Doug Benc (Getty Images)

An anti-abortion billboard was spotted in Tuscaloosa, Ala. on Friday that called the hometown of the University of Alabama the “abortion capital” of the state, and claimed that 19,000 future fans of the Crimson Tide have been aborted. A picture of the billboard was posted on Twitter, but the post that featured that photo has since been deleted.

Naturally, we saved the photo before the post went down so here’s what the stupid sign looked like:


(Fun fact: both numbers on that billboard could very well be disputed.)

The person behind the purchase of that ad space is unknown as reports that the funding came from an “anonymous donor.” The site advertised on the board leads to an anti-abortion page whose main purpose is to appear like it’s just presenting objective medical statistics when, in reality, the numbers are decontextualized in a way that’s meant to inspire fear among those considering an abortion. Instead of going there, we suggest this blog written by Ashley Reese of Jezebel that provides better context to the numbers involved with motherhood in the state:


It’s worth noting that back in May, Alabama signed a bill into law that banned abortion from the moment of conception—no exceptions for rape or incest—and could sentence doctors up to 99 years in prison for even attempting to perform an abortion. As it turns out, the desire of insecure assholes to run up the score on their opponents seems to be prevalent both on and off the field in Tuscaloosa.

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