Lolo Jones Was Just Named To The U.S. Bobsled Team, Because Why Not?

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Yes, Lolo Jones is on the U.S. bobsled team. Huh?

We presume the discussion went something like this:
"No one pays attention to winter sports in the U.S. How do we fix that?"
"Make the sports more exciting! More dangerous!"
"Have you ever watched any of these sliding sports? They really can't get more dangerous. We gotta do something else."
"Hmmm. Put the competitors in bikinis, maybe? People love beach volleyball."
"Have you seen the weather at the Olympics? Does frostbitten skin sound alluring to you?"
"No, not really. I've got it! Summer Olympians!"
"They would never agree to this. They have so many other opportunities, such as... Oh. Well. They might agree to this."

The AP reports that Jones, who tried the sport for the first time in early October, might wind up on the 2014 team:

But [coach Todd] Hays also had another idea in mind—recruitment. Bobsled has long sought athletes from the track world, with their strength and explosiveness considered the perfect combination to get a sled going quickly down an icy chute.

So now Tianna Madison—who was part of a world-record-setting 4x100-meter relay Olympic win in London—and Jones are in the mix for a shot at competing in the 2014 Sochi Games.


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