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Long Island Man Bowls Just The 34th 900 Series On Record

Photo: Courtesy Mitchell Pincus

Bowler Joe Novara, 26, of East Patchogue, N.Y., threw three perfect games for a perfect 900 series, the 34th such series to be certified (and the 33rd person to bowl one).

Reader Mitchell sent us this:

My boss and friend shot a PERFECT 900 Series 3 Consecutive 300 Games in bowling tonight at East Islip Lanes in East Islip. This is the first 900 in Long Island History, and there have only been 34 PERFECT series recorded in the history of sanctioned bowling. He deserves some sort of recognition. I have a video to prove it. He averages nearly 240 per game everywhere he bowls and just bought his first pro shop over the summer. Joe Novara of East Patchogue, NY Age 26. A perfect 900 series is extremely rare and takes an insane amount of skill and luck to happen.

According to the Sachem Patch, Novara’s mom said:

“I absolutely knew this day would come. Joe has been focused on the sport of bowling since he was a young kid; his dad and I spent every single Sunday watching him compete in JBT, USBC and other junior tournaments all over Long Island throughout his childhood and adolescence.

“We traveled all over the country with him doing national tournaments for scholarships as well. He knew this was what he wanted to make his living doing, and he has never lost focus or determination. He recently became the owner of The Perfect Fit Pro Shop in Port Jeff Bowl as well - bowling has always been his destiny!”

Photo: Courtesy Mitchell Pincus

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