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Long Snapper Trick-Shot Video Knows Your Opinion Of Long Snapping

You know those videos that come into your life under a headline like, "I Can't Stop Watching This Whatever Do Something"? This video of Lawrence University long snapper John Doran is not that. I can stop watching his trick shot video. It's not terribly difficult to pull myself away from it at all. It's a compilation of this guy Doran snapping a football in ways that, while impressive, are still just long snaps — a football flying from beneath a man's ass and into open windows and recycling bins. These are very difficult long snaps, yes. But, y'know. They're still in the medium of long snapping, which is to trick shots what butter sculpting is to fine art.

He and his accomplices in Appleton, Wisc., anticipate the world's relative indifference to long snapping, however, and take the appropriate countermeasures: dressing Doran in the most patriotic get-up since Sargent Slaughter last rolled out of bed and setting his exploits to the Karate Kid anthem "You're the Best."


The results fall shy of epic. But they are pretty damn good, for long snapping.


h/t David

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