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Look, Another Steroids Story

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Poor George Mitchell. Most people thought his steroids investigation into baseball was doomed more than a year ago, when it began, because if you don't have to talk to a guy like that, why would you? What, this guy's gonna bust this wide open? George Mitchell is a respected public figure, but, you know, not exactly urgent about this whole thing.

Anyway, yesterday, in his First Big Public Move, Mitchell ... asked for the medical records of some old Baltimore Orioles. And some of these names will SHOCK YOU: Rafael Palmeiro, Sammy Sosa, David Segui, Jason Grimsley ... seriously! Those guys!

Investigators have looked deeply into the Orioles, among other organizations. Mitchell's staff has interviewed at least nine members of the Orioles' front office and training staff, and has searched at least six of their personal computers for evidence relating to performance-enhancing drugs, the official said.


You know, at this rate, by 2011, Mitchell could end up getting a hold of a guy who once glanced at Barry Bonds' medical records while waiting in line to pee in a cup. Go get 'em, George!

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