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Look At The Big Stupid President's Big Stupid Golf Club

Donald Trump, a wide-set dingus, spent the weekend entertaining Japanese prime minister Shinzo Abe. The pair played some golf at Swamp Versailles, and Trump was spotted swinging around a big, stupid, gold driver.


According to The Street’s Brian Sozzi, that’s a $3,755 club that was gifted to Trump by Abe. Standard protocol is for gifts given to the president of the United States to be hustled off to the National Archive, so it’s a little strange to see Trump swinging one around like it was a Christmas present.

One explanation for this might be that Abe actually sent the gift back in November, before Trump was actually president. Another explanation is that Donald Trump is a bird-brained oaf who is obsessed with shiny things and hasn’t stopped thinking about that club since the moment he received it.

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