Look At This Asshole Yelling In Some Guy's Face Because He Wouldn't Sit Down At A Soccer Game

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Shouting Jerk At A Sounders Match

Apparently at Seattle Sounders games some people stand up the entire time as a show of support. That's cool, I guess. I'd prefer to sit in the seat for which I've paid, but to each his own. Some find it annoying because of the whole "better door than window" thing. I am also capable of understanding that point of view. A clash of these opposing philosophies took place in Seattle yesterday during the Sounders match against Chivas USA and one man would not stand for it.

This birdbrain, however, decides he's going to fight fire with crazy and gets right up behind the guys standing and just starts yelling "GO SOUNDERS, GO!" in their ears. He alternates that with "Have a seat." and other crazy aggressive behavior. The YouTube uploader provides more details:

[I]t was somewhere between the 55th and 60th minute, and this guy was sitting 3-5 rows back and climbed down over the seats to do his shouting. He came down and immediately was aggressive. This section is not a sitting only section, or else something probably would have been said to us as well as the other people who stand all match at some point in the 13 other regular season matches.


The full video can be found here, we pared it down a bit because there was a crazy long Star Wars-style intro.
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