Hi! You're on Rabbithole right now. It's this new subsite we have on Deadspin. We're defining it pretty loosely, but anyone who has ever found himself or herself inexplicably awake at 2:37 a.m., bingeing on the British Pathé archives or cycling through old Daunte Culpepper highlights or watching a 13th consecutive Archie Moore fight on YouTube, will immediately understand its reason for being.

Around these parts, effort and news value will be virtually nil, context minimal. There will be highlights and lowlights. There will be obscure Russian sports. There will be random snatches of standup comedy. There will probably be otters. Rabbithole is a place where we can all come together, with our endlessly replenishing reserves of usable attention, and say to one another, "Look at this shit." Your own contributions are encouraged. Bookmark/follow our page. We'll have more shit for you soon.