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Look, It's Football On Monday! At Night!

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If you're the type of entirely hypothetical person whose fantasy team has degraded to the point that Steve Gradkowski is your starting quarterback — see that? We got our Kornheiser on right there — you might be particularly fired up for tonight's Monday Night Football game between the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and Carolina Panthers. Otherwise? Well, it's not as bad as Seattle and Oakland, but if you needed any more proof that NBC's getting the great games on Sunday, and ESPN's making do with what they thought would find halfway decent, well, it won't be as much fun an open thread tonight as the Rutgers game was Thursday, we'll say that.

That said, it's still football on a weekday, and we'll always take that. The Bucs' season looks pretty much over, but the Panthers have a chance to catch up with the Saints soon and make everyone forget about yet another rough early start.

So, as always, if you're sitting around tonight with some booze and want to make some friends, or just discuss old episodes of "Las Vegas," pop in and stroll around for a bit. We don't know who the celebrity guest will be either; maybe they'll bring back Christian Slater, just for giggles. Be safe out there.

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