Look! It's Godzilla's Helmet!

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"He was in great humor, which is always when he's the best, most likable Alex," Selena Roberts wrote in A-Rod. And that was before he turned a helmet into a wedding bouquet and himself into a desperate bachelorette.

The Yankees are winning, and winning is so fun that even Hideki Matsui thinks it's acceptable to take a pie in the face. He hit a walk-off homer last night, and at the behest of fun-loving Melky Cabrera and great-humored Alex Rodriguez, he flicked his helmet into the night. It was fated to be picked up by a fawning bat boy, who would give it to the concession stand employees, who would subsequently fill it with two scoops of Carvel and sell it for $3,000 tonight.


But Cabrera and Rodriguez wanted it instead!


And despite giving up four inches to A-Rod, Cabrera outleaped the third baseman and came down with the souvenir. Rodriguez clutched his hands together in faux disappointment — psychoanalysis, anyone? — before realizing that he could just rip the object of his envy right out of Cabrera's grip. So he did.

The precious was his. The Yankees won. There was joy in Middle Earth.

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