Look Mom, No Hands: Home Run Edition

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Old Man Moyer will be shaking his cane at kids for days after this one. On a day when he gave up four home runs and allowed seven runs against the Cincinnati Reds, this right here will stick in his craw most. Todd Frazier hit a home run in the bottom of the fourth by essentially throwing his bat at the ball.

Watch the video below. When the bat makes contact with the ball you can see that it has already broken contact with Frazier's hands (here's another view where you can see the bat taking flight just as the ball does). Moyer is more concerned with the bat hurtling its way through the infield than the run he surely did not think he just surrendered.


The Rockies crew took the opportunity to play homer and kill everyone for killing Coors Field as a "band box" and perhaps rightfully so. Moyer is throwing, what, 23 mph these days? Frazier wasn't exactly redirecting a Verlander fastball.


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