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Just to be crude, and because we can't imagine you can look at Tiger Woods that much longer, we decided to toss out a little bon mot for you: A top 10 list of female streakers at British sporting events. (Link NSFW)

We find it interesting that this never happens at American sporting events, and we're not sure it's just our bent toward puritanism. These days, anyone even thinking about running on the field is psychologically profiled — thanks to the chips They implanted in our brains at birth — and, if they happen to be at Yankee Stadium, shot on sight.

This, of course, got us thinking about Morganna. She's retired now — which is probably for the best, considering she's 52 years old — and lives, inevitably, in Columbus, Ohio.

Top 10 Female Streakers [Yes But No But Yes] (link NSFW)

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