Look, There's A Writer In That Thar Camp

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Writer Stefan Fatsis is the author of Word Freak, an incredibly entertaining book about Scrabble. (He's also a writer for The Wall Street Journal. Right now, apparently, he's writing a book about training camp, and he's spending it saving the Broncos from an hour or so of sprints and boring meetings.

Fatsis, who is writing a book on life in an NFL training camp, finally kicked one through the uprights. And his would-be teammates couldn't have been happier. Given a second chance to be a hero, Fatsis came through with a 27-yard field goal [yesterday]. The kick reduced the evening meeting time by 30 minutes. On his first attempt from 27 yards, Fatsis kicked a line drive, missing badly. But on his second and final chance, Fatsis got some leg going and booted one through the uprights. The Broncos lifted him up like the Patriots lifted star kicker Adam Vinatieri in the Super Bowl. Fatsis missed twice last week, from 30 and 25 yards, with the same stakes.

It's probably a good thing Fatsis finally hit one. The old "hey, I wrote a book about Scrabble" defense doesn't work that well when you're stuck to the locker room wall with jock straps.


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