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Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise
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Excellent conceit from excellent Golden State Warriors blog today: A look at what we'll be saying about upcoming NBA Draft prospects in 2010.

We have two favorites. First is the description of possible No. 1 pick Andrea Bargnani, who has been compared to Dirk Nowitzki but comes across more like Marcel Lampe (or "Darko Jr.") here. The other: Why, J.J. Redick, obviously.

Where Are They Now? J.J. Redick. The former Blue Devil had set an ACC record for points during his four year college career, and after being drafted by the Houston Rockets in 2006, was unable to produce consistently. The Rockets hoped that Redick would act as insurance in case Tracy McGrady was unable to recover from the injuries he suffered in the 2005-6 season, but Redick couldn't shoot and McGrady couldn't play a game without clutching at his back. J.J. was a fantastic scorer in college, but that can be attributed to the fact he wasn't facing the longer, quicker players in the NBA. Without the ability to score at a high level, he simply faded away. Redick, who now works at Home Depot, did not return a call.


Oh, like you wouldn't hang out at that Home Depot all the time.

What They'll Be Saying About The Class Of 2006, Part I [The City]

(By the way, we want to emphasize this: We do not hate Duke. We've been accused of this, and it's not true. It's just impossible not to make fun of JJ Redick, Coach K, Chris Collins, WoJo, Christian Laettner ... oh, we don't need to go on, do we?)

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