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Lordie Lordie, Brett Favre Turns 41 Today

Happy Birthday, Brett Favre. Blow out your candles and settle in for the 10 a.m. Favre Update.

• He's had his share of controversies during his 20 years in the NFL. The heavy drinking. The Vicodin addiction. The retirement. Coming out of retirement. The bitter divorce from the Packers. The dreadful ending to his one year with the Jets. The retirement. Coming out of retirement. Signing with the Vikings. The two grudge matches last year against the Packers.
But Deadspingate has got to be the most humiliating for this husband, father and grandfather [New York Daily News]


• During halftime of Saturday's Pitt-Notre Dame game, NBC's Peter King advanced the ongoing Brett Favre story by pointing out that former Jets sideline reporter Jenn Sterger will cooperate with the NFL's review/investigation of allegations that Favre pursued her and sent inappropriate photos via text message in 2008, while both Sterger and Favre were employed by the Jets. [NBC Sports]

• The most glaring current case-in-point involves the bottom-feeding website Deadspin and its efforts to derail the career and personal life of Minnesota Vikings quarterback Brett Favre. [Michael Priebe, possible letter writer/fucking ruiner]


• Will this story be reported Sunday on any of the NFL pregame shows? [New York Daily News]

• Brett Favre will turn 41 years old Sunday, but he likely won't be doing much celebrating after this past week. [Star-Tribune]


• It's all very titillating, of course, which is all that seems to matter in today's new world of communications. The voice mails will draw hits to the website, much like the voice mails that Woods left to one of his mistresses did for another site in the days following his infamous accident. [AP]

• Football legend Brett Favre has been accused of bombarding an attractive female sideline reporter with steamy voicemails and X-rated photos of a man's private parts. The unimpressed brunette beauty apparently blocked the sports hero's advances. []


• Even if Brett Favre did call, text and send pictures to a woman he knew on the Jets football staff, so what? Americans have turned out to be the most puritanical yet hypocritical in the modern world when it comes to sex. [Mobile Tribune]


(H/T Dan O. for the weather shot)

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