This sucks.

The Lakers announced this evening that they're officially amnestying Metta World Peace in order to save $14.8 million. The remainder of his contract—$21.5 million over three years—won't count against the team's salary cap. MWP will go on waivers, where anyone under the salary cap can bid for his services. If none do, he'll become an unrestricted free agent. The Clippers, who are trying to put together a championship roster, are said to be interested. According to NBC Sports, the New York Knicks are interested, as well.

Metta World Peace is the shit. In addition to being a bitching tweeter, he's been an important piece of the Lakers organization since he joined in 2009, and he was vital to their championship run in 2010. Once an NBA villain, MWP was able to alter his image from hated heel to everyone's favorite clown. We all remember him almost taking James Harden's head off with an elbow two seasons ago, and we somehow don't care anymore. He was hardworking, played tough defense, and took some of the worst three-pointers we've ever seen. Even Kobe Bryant bucked against his departure when rumors started swirling a few days ago:


This is a bad idea, and the Lakers next year would've, at best, probably almost missed the playoffs again. But that's not the point. Metta World Peace is a hero.

Safe travels, Metta. The Lakers will miss you sorely, though they were probably going to lose a lot next year regardless.


Photo Credit: Getty Images