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Illustration for article titled Los Angeles Little League Stays Alive With Surprise Donation From Strip Club [UPDATE]

Jet Strip, which bills itself as "LA's Friendliest Gentlemen's Club," put $1,200 in the Lennox Little League's stirrup socks after the league was hit with a sharp increase in regulations and fees from the local school district that owns the fields it uses. An additional $1,600 in donations from local groups will keep the league functioning this year. But the league's players come mainly from impoverished families, and organizers fund most of the league's operations by selling food. To continue to do so, they have to build a snack shack, the materials for which cost $65,000. Which is a lot of $1 bills.


Update (10:40 a.m.): The Los Angeles Times just reported that the Lennox Little League has decided to turn down Jet Strip's donation because taking it would be "inappropriate."

[Daily Breeze; h/t to Megan G.]

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