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Lou Holtz: I Basically Know What It's Like To Be A Black Man Targeted By Police

During my nightly viewing of Fox News, a familiar nasally, barely comprehensible voice called out from the abyss, mumbling, I have opinions about black people protesting!

Yes, it was Lou Holtz, the retired college football coach and former ESPN analyst. And like too many straight white men, Holtz wanted us all to know, Hey, I’m a victim too. Here he is talking about the NFL’s national anthem demonstrations:

There’s an awful lot of things that happen in this country, but I want you to know, I’ve been unfairly ticketed. I was given a ticket when I didn’t exceed the speed limit, because I was coaching at one school, and the patrol officer graduated from the other, and he let me know he was bitter about this. That happens in life.


After talking about his perceived unjust experience at the hands of the police—which, it should be noted, ended in a fine and not his death—Holtz goes on to inexplicably claim that he doesn’t know what NFL players are protesting.

“I never see anybody on TV. I never see anybody on Twitter. I don’t see anybody doing an interview and saying, ‘This is the reason I am upset.’”

In case, uh, you haven’t watched any TV or are an 80-year-old retiree who doesn’t know how to get his news on the computer, these NFL national anthem demonstrations originated with Colin Kaepernick, who was protesting police brutality in America, which disproportionately kills black people.

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