Many great players have taken one for the team, swallowed their pride, and come off the bench because it was the right thing to do. Iguodala did it with Golden State during their five-year run and won Finals MVP in 2015. But Iggy was a starter for the first 10 years of his career playing in Philadelphia, Denver, and even his first year in Golden State. Horry has some of the most memorable moments in postseason history, but he has zero sixth-man awards. Ginóbili won the honor in 2007-08, although he started 31 percent of the games, he played for the Spurs that season. Harden only did it for three years, although he did win that award in his last year with the Thunder.

One thing about those names is they played on very good to great overall teams and either won championships because of it or came very close. Williams and Crawford didn’t have the luxury to play on those types of teams. So, it really comes down to the criteria you want to use in justifying the greatest NBA sixth man of all time. Having won the award three times each, I’m ranking Williams and Crawford at the top above all these other names when it comes to best bench players ever. They’ve proven it and have their credentials on display.