No, Really. The NFL Has a Lou Williams Rule

The NFL is taking a proactive stance on coronavirus exposure. It has quickly become known as the Lou Williams Rule.
The NFL is taking a proactive stance on coronavirus exposure. It has quickly become known as the Lou Williams Rule.
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Foresight can be invaluable, especially for a league that’s always its own worst enemy.


Which is why, for once, the NFL is learning from an NBA mishap, and has introduced the “Lou Will Rule.”

Players who get the coronavirus due to being involved with “high-risk” activity away from team facilities will be disciplined and might not get paid, according to a recent report.

Translation: The NFL believes that visiting places like strip clubs for entertainment (or nourishment) during these times is not a smart move, as they believe those environments are more likely to be contaminated — instead of a football field, where big dudes constantly breathe and grab on each other.

Don’t believe me?

Get this.

According to the report, a memo was sent out to teams that discussed the consequences of contracting the virus “through reckless activity away from the facility.” That “high risk” conduct includes: indoor clubs with more than 15 people, indoor bars with more than 15 people (other than to pick up food), indoor house parties with more than 15 people, indoor music concert/entertainment events with more than 15 people, pro sports outside of the NFL with more than 15 people, and indoor religious services with more than 25% capacity.

The NFL may do a lot of dumb things, but they aren’t stupid. They found every way imaginable not to mention Williams, the NBA, or the strip club. The league has done its part, and now it’s up to the players to stay out of “high risk” environments.

Because as we’ve learned, nothing is sacred anymore.

“He tipped very well,” said Aries, a dancer at Magic City, to the Los Angeles Times about how Williams “ambled around the club” after placing his food order. According to her, she was one of “a few” women that danced for him, from a six-foot distance, of course.


Let this be a reminder that anything done in the dark will eventually come to light, even if you follow the rules while waiting on your wings.


Nothing snitches like a camera phone.

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