Louis Delmas Gives Up His Pet Gator Because It Scares Kevin Ogletree

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Lions safety Louis Delmas had to part ways with Mojo, the six-foot-long alligator that lives in his basement. Mojo's gotten too big to care for, but more than that, Delmas has a new roommate: teammate Kevin Ogletree, who isn't keen on living under the same roof as an alligator.

"I told him I couldn't stay there with the gator there, so he had to make some adjustments for the New York City kid," Ogletree said.

Delmas got Mojo as a baby, a gift from former Lion Ernie Sims, who has his own animal menagerie. But the damn thing kept growing, and requiring more food—Mojo's up to two rats, three times a week. So Delmas arranged to have Mojo picked up by a local exotic animal shop, where he's waiting for his new home.