So, this is the thing: Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 is awesome, and everyone rushed out to buy it when it came out on Tuesday. The NCAA probably should have just canceled all games for this weekend, because crucial Big East showdowns feel a lot less crucial when the Russians are invading Lower Manhattan.

The Cardinals's heads were elsewhere in a flat loss to Pittsburgh, and head coach Charlie Strong knew it right away. He pulled them off the field during pregame warmups to get them "focused." In his postgame presser he bemoaned their "poor preparation."

Here is where these seemingly-unrelated storylines intertwine in a caduceus of terrible, like in Babel. As reported by Mike Rutherford of Card Chronicle, Strong told the media today that the team was distracted by the release of the new Call of Duty. Which should come as no surprise to anyone who's ever put off studying for a night of video games, i.e. every matriculated male since 1985. In my college years the vice of choice was Madden, meaning I was probably better prepared to play football than this weekend's Cardinals. But when World War III breaks out, U of L will probably be the safest place on Earth.