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Paul the Octopus—prognosticating scamp and cephalopod—won our hearts during the World Cup. His ability to pick mussels has landed him a print advertising campaign for a supermarket chain. The ad, pictured, roughly translates to "Where they buy today? Good decision."

It's been quite a week for our friend Paul. A fatwa was issued against him for some reason, he was granted Spanish citizenship, he engaged in talks to become a plush toy model, and started negotiating a book deal. Well, a human person did the last two items, since Paul is an octopus. But a brand-able octopus, mind you. There have been over 160 offers for various products—you have to think a few fine pen manufacturers are jockeying for position on this one—and Paul is maximizing his time in the spotlight. So, for striking while the iron is hot, Paul the Octopus: we salute you.


Paul the Pitchman: Psychic Octopus Begins Advertising Career [Der Spiegel, via]


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