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So, the more Brian McNamee opens his mouth, it becomes less clear who's more of a horrible human being. Is it the opportunisitic "trainer" who ratted out his clients who gave him a career? Or is it Roger Clemens, so deluded by his own legacy that he's absolutely convinced himself that he did nothing wrong?

The latest McNamee bomb alleges that Rocket encouraged his wife to zap herself with some HGH right before her Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue shoot in 2003. Writer Kathleen O' Brien dug up this little nugget from Debbie Clemens' website about her trepidation about posing for the issue:

Roger came to me one day and told me that we had been asked to do a photo shoot for Sports Illustrated. I had major anxiety! I was a 39-year-old mother of 4! Once I realized that this WAS going to be a reality, I decided I had to give it everything I had. My mind was set. I am not a risk taker, but have since learned that with great risk, sometimes comes great reward. The responses from that experience have been wonderful and I feel it was a turning point in my life. It's nice to have a goal for yourself and to see it through. The goal kept me motivated and focused. Using common sense and my ability to balance my life, I achieved that goal.


Well, the goal was achieved. She absolutely shreded herself for that photo shoot. However, with this latest allegation does this mean that Debbie Clemens lose her first ballot milf hall of fame credentials? She only has a few more years of eligibility.

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