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We wondered why it took so long for police to close the case on Erica Blasberg, who died in May under "very strange" circumstances. Now we know why: a warrant is out for the doctor who was first on the scene.

Blasberg was just 25 when she was found dead in her Henderson, Nev. home. Years of struggling to stay on the Tour, and descriptions of her as a loner led us to speculate that this was a young woman battling some demons.


Today, the Clark County coroner ruled her death a suicide, reporting that she was found with a plastic bag over her head, and deadly levels of prescription drugs in her system.


This was the initial expectation, although quotes from her loved ones made it sound less open and shut. "At first glance it looks like she might have taken her own life," her father said at the time. "But at second glance, something is very, very strange about it."

A Dr. Thomas Hess was under investigation, and though he was never officially considered a suspect, police raided his home and office looking for Xanax, which were found in Blasberg's system. Now Hess has been charged with obstruction of justice, after removing a suicide note and prescription drugs from the scene.


We've heard whispers that the two were in a romantic relationship, so it could be a case of a man trying to protect the reputation of someone close. But more sinister is his MD, and the prospect that the numerous prescription drugs found in her body were obtained illicitly.

Today's ruling of suicide closes a chapter for the Blasberg family, but the story's not over yet.

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