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LSU's Jarrett Lee Is A Golden...Beer Pong Expert

LSU fans who remember the limp-wristed second quarter toss against Auburn that led to the easiest interception return for a touchdown of the 2008 season will recognize the hand-eye coordination in the above photo of Lee engaging in extracurricular collegiate activities. This photo (courtesy The Big Lead) is clearly taken early on in the beer pong match before Lee develops the sinister death toss (witness the touchdown pass to Brandon LaFell) that will lead LSU to victory. LSU fans keep emailing me saying, "When are you going to link our quarterback playing beer pong?" That's what's great about LSU fans. Other teams (cough, Notre Dame, cough) are outraged by their quarterback engaging in a little Beer Olympics, LSU fans are just upset that their quarterback isn't playing beer pong with whiskey and that there aren't hot girls in the photo playing alongside Lee. Undoubtedly that's because the winsome lasses of Baton Rouge are at the other end of the table "distracting" Lee by bending over and showing their cleavage as he attempts to throw. Last year Lee was a redshirt freshman behind Mike Flynn and the batshit crazy Ryan Perrilloux, now he's a beer pong all-star treating sorority houses as a 24-hour buffet. Laissez les bon temps roulet Jarrett Lee, laissez les bon temps roulet. Beirut or beer pong, either way, great game [The Big Lead]


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