Jimmy Clausen's Drinking Game Prowess Prompts Investigation By Notre Dame

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Jimmy Clausen is the starting quarterback for Notre Dame. Last year he, along with the entire team, had a horrible season. Which was disappointing because Clausen, the nation's consensus top quarterback, committed to Notre Dame in such an understated fashion: By pulling up in a limo to the College Football Hall of Fame, hair immaculately spiked and product-filled, sunglassed and blinged-up. Now, he's playing drinking games. The Big Lead ran this photo yesterday and now the Chicago Tribune has announced that Notre Dame is conducting an investigation of the incident because Clausen is underage and appears to be drinking. This is the second alcohol-related incident for Clausen—he was charged with transporting alcohol as a minor in June of 2007. Which, so far as crimes go, is the equivalent of charging someone with being a college student. Penalizing Jimmy Clausen for these pictures is one of the dumbest things Notre Dame could do. But they're probably going to have to do something now even though every college kid (and plenty of adults) have much more incriminating photos than these up on their Facebook pages. I think we're heading towards an online era when pictures like these won't be news — but we're not there yet. So strike up the outrage band, underage college kids are drinking. The horror, the horror. Rick Mirer and Ron Powlus would not be proud [The Big Lead] Irish QB Jimmy Clausen and at least two teammates face alcohol-use investigation [Chicago Tribune]