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Raptors center Lucas “Bebê” Nogueira lives in Toronto, where “everywhere you go, it’s Drake, Drake, Drake,” as he explained to CBS Sports’ James Herbert. But Bebê’s tastes are different.

“Every day, I gotta listen to Keane,” he said, “and I don’t listen just to one album.” From Herbert:

In addition to them and the Chili Peppers, he easily puts Oasis and Creed in his top five. He cannot, however, settle on who else should make the cut: “Five, you can split. Aerosmith, I like Sublime, Bon Jovi. This is my music style. I don’t really listen to hip-hop.”

When Nogueira was a teenager in Brazil, he loved Green Day, Blink-182 and Simple Plan. He now goes back to pop-punk when he feels nostalgic, but there are some bands from that era — Hoobastank, for example — that he continues to listen to.

“One of the bands that I love so much and Canadians, people hate: Nickelback,” he said. “I don’t understand why people — because Canadian people, when you’re famous, they support you so much. They love to support famous Canadians. And I don’t understand because I grew up thinking Chad Kroeger is amazing, I love him. And when I came to Canada, people are like, ‘You like Nickelback?’ And everybody starts laughing in my face.”


Add this to the lengthy list of Nickelback’s career accomplishments: merely liking them can get people to laugh in the face of a 7-foot dude with face tattoos.

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