Luis Suárez Just Bit Someone Again!

I mean, that's a fucking bite!

Uruguay were playing Italy in an atrocious, atrocious World Cup match that saw Mario Balotelli knee a guy in the head and Claudio Marchisio sent off for trying to break someone else's leg. But shit didn't get real until the 79th minute.


This was the last game of Group D's group stage. If Italy won or drew, they would advance to the knockout stage of the tournament, and with just 11 minutes left to play, it looked like the famously staunch Italian defense would hold on. That's when Suárez appeared to haul off and bite Italian defender Giorgio Chiellini in the shoulder.

There was mass confusion at first. This was due to the fact that Luis Suárez had already bitten people twice before, once at Dutch club Ajax, and once with English side Liverpool. He'd also been been twice suspended for it. Still, no one believed it possible, as an athlete or human, to bite three people in just over three years with the whole world watching.

(He also has been suspended for being racist.)

But that's what happened! GIF:

Chiellini immediately sprinted over to ref to show him his shoulder.

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Those are fucking bite marks! That's a fucking bite!

We'll have more on what will come of this incident, but for now, peruse our full Luis Suárez biting archive below, which is now a full-blown Thing.


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