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Luke Voit Was Steamed About Getting Hit And Then Shown Up

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The Yankees lineup is all busted up, so you can understand why the remaining healthy players might be a little more sensitive than usual about potentially getting hurt themselves. This is how we ended up with Yankees first baseman Luke Voit appearing to call Tigers pitcher Joe Jimenez a “fucking fat fuck.”


Voit, who took a heater on the elbow on opening day, was hit on the hand by Jimenez in the bottom of the eighth inning. That annoyed Voit, and he vented about it to reporters after the game. From the New York Post:

“It’s just the second time I’ve been hit in the area this year,” said Voit, who also was hit on Opening Day last week. “I get it, they’re trying to pitch up and in, but especially with all the injuries going around, it’s frustrating. I could have been the guy that’s No. 7 on the disabled list. I get it. He’s not trying to do it on purpose, but you never know what can happen. It’s just frustrating.”


But what really set Voit off happened during the next at-bat, when Gleyber Torres hit a liner right back to Jimenez, who caught the ball and then bounded over to first base to double off Voit. As the Tigers left the field, cameras caught Voit looking in Jimenez’s direction and saying something that sure looks like, “fucking fat fuck.”

After the game, Voit was asked he felt like Jimenez was showing him up when he jumped onto first base. Voit admitted that the moment had bothered him “a little bit.”

Perhaps this is a good place to note that Voit is officially listed at the same height and five pounds heavier than Jimenez.

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