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What kind of woman would raise a man who would wear a costume like this? What kind of woman could raise such a spawn?

The type that will bust you in the mouth, of course.

According to The Washington Post, during Sunday's Redskins win over the Eagles in Philadelphia, some totally-out-of-character-for-Philly fan poured beer on Rhonnel Hearn, otherwise known as Clinton Portis' mother. She didn't handle it well, turning around and punching the woman in the face.

"She busted some lady in the nose, but that'll just teach you about messing with her," Portis said. "If you decide your team is losing and you want to cause trouble, then you're going to get what you're looking for. And yesterday, whoever that fan was, they got what they were looking for."

Honestly, we expect her to show up at Portis' weekly dressup press conference this week. Can we please get Portis to take over for Donovan McNabb and his mom in those Campbell's commercials now? Who wouldn't love that?

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