In March, an ownership group led by Magic Johnson bought the Los Angeles Dodgers for an eye-popping $2.15 billion. At the time, while most people were scratching their heads, Magic Johnson was doing cartwheels.

"I am thrilled to be part of the historic Dodger franchise and intend to build on the fantastic foundation laid by Frank McCourt as we drive the Dodgers back to the front page of the sports section in our wonderful community of Los Angeles."

Excitement likely gave way to "Oh, shit" if this interview with HBO's Real Sports With Bryant Gumbel is to be believed. Magic says his primary responsibility in the ownership group was to sign a check for $50 million. He performed admirably and courageously in dotting the "I" on such a large check, but he was still a little scared to tell his wife that he just dropped $50 million on a baseball team.

Which is weird because I am, like, almost certain Magic has had to share far worse news with his wife before.


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