So, which is the better story here? TMZ's report that Bears safety Major Wright's diamond trading company is being sued for not repaying a loan that carries 100 percent interest? Or that TMZ's initial report claimed Cowboys receiver Terrance Williams was in on it too, but quickly removed him after he brought the full force of the Cowboys' legal team to bear?

The story's odd enough on its own—Wright apparently owns part of a company called TDW Diamonds, and a lawsuit filed in Florida claims two men lent it $75,000 to purchase some raw diamonds from South Africa. The suit claims TDW hasn't paid up, despite an agreement to repay with 100 percent interest. (Which, not so incidentally, is an illegal rate and would invalidate the contract and therefore the lawsuit.)

But the original story—you can see much of it blockquoted here—had Williams being sued along with Wright. Williams was pissed. Here's Clarence Hill, Cowboys beat writer for the Star-Telegram:


TMZ removed all references to Williams from its post. This is probably not the end of the story.