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Make Shea Rock Slightly Harder This Year

Right now, you can vote for the song that the Mets should play during the eighth-inning singalong at Shea this year. The choices are as boring as you'd expect: "Brown Eyed Girl," "Sweet Caroline," ... jeez, is that the theme song from "Friends?" Ack!

Anyway, Radio Exile is trying to liven it up a little bit, encouraging readers to write in "I Came to Make a Bang" by The Eagles Of Death Metal. We could not agree with this cause more, though of course we'd go with "Lament for the Auroch."


Anyway, get out there and vote. We're going to the game Wednesday, and we'll jump from the upper deck if we have to hear that Friends song.

Meet The Mets, Greet The Mets [Radio Exile]

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