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Man, America Gets All The Breaks

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We're half an hour away from USA baseball's second game in the World Baseball Classic, facing Jason Bay and some other Canadians. (We're really enjoying the Cuba-Panama game that's on right, now, by the way.) We're fully aware that seeing Alex Rodriguez in a United States uniform makes most of you consider rooting for Canada, by the way; sorry about that.

Anyway, as if the U.S. didn't have enough advantages, Baseball America points out that Team USA has had decidedly better access to scouting reports on other nations.


We find this curious — we think it's probably better for the long-term health of the WBC if someone other than the United States wins — but not all that surprising. What is interesting is wondering what scouting reports other countries have on the U.S. team. Our guess:

Chipper Jones: Spends all his spare time at Hooters.
Roger Clemens: Don't worry; he'll end up switching teams halfway through the Classic anyway.
Alex Rodriguez: Has tendency to cry.

Of course, they'd be in Spanish, but you get the idea.

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