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Man Charged With Killing Adrian Peterson's Son Allegedly Violates Bond

Illustration for article titled Man Charged With Killing Adrian Petersons Son Allegedly Violates Bond

Remember Joseph Patterson? He's the man who was charged with murder over a year ago for allegedly beating to death Tyrese Ruffin, Adrian Peterson's 2-year-old son. He somehow made it out on bond, and was subsequently accused of violating that in June when he went to the house of Ann Doohen—Ruffin's mother, who he was dating at the time of the alleged beating—and choked her to the point of unconsciousness. We wondered at the time how Patterson made bond again despite being charged with murder, manslaughter, aggravated assault, kidnapping, and other crimes, and wouldn't you know it, he's accused of violating his bond again.


According to KELO TV in South Dakota, Patterson turned himself into the Jackson County courthouse Tuesday after he allegedly violated a protection order by "contacting a woman more than a dozen times in less than an hour this past weekend." The Argus Leader reports that woman is Doohen, who according to court documents answered her phone on January 3rd only to find Patterson on the line. After a short conversation Doohen hung up, but Patterson called back three more times. She finally answered again and had they had this conversation:

"He started telling the victim that he still loved her and wanted to be in a relationship with her," the documents say.

The victim told law enforcement she kept him on the phone until she could find her iPad to record the conversation, which lasted about nine minutes.

The recording captured Ruffin's mother saying "I don't know what you want me to say, Joey."

Patterson responded: "Don't say my name. What I'm saying is am I stupid for hanging on? Am I stupid for caring?"


After Doohen hung up again, Patterson called back 13 more times in a 19-minute span.

KELO notes that Patterson was ordered by the judge this past fall not to contact Ruffin's family members—nor have unsupervised contact with children under ten—conditions he apparently could not meet. Patterson's father has already put up $2.75 million in bonds for his son: let's hope either he's run out of money, or that this time the judge doesn't give Patterson any more opportunities to commit violence.

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