It's once again time for the Saturday afternoon tradition of oak-tag-and-sharpie bons mots. Today we are back in Death Valley where Clemson hosts Florida State this evening on ABC. Before we get to the signs, I'd like to just take a moment, for the adults here, to reflect on how fucking radical college was: look at that guy up there. Just look at him.

He is probably drunk off his ass, with not one single care in the world, ripping off his shirt and pouring his drink all over his face. That's his entire day, right there. No worries, no responsibilities, just pouring shit all over himself and acting like a moron. What are you doing today? Pretending to watch football while your stupid kids do stupid shit in your house?

Annnnnyway, let's get to it. Click expand, etc.

Sammy Watkins is fast, is what's going on here.


"Palmering" is that thing you do when you're really handsome but have a weirdo haircut and sit on chairs like A.C. Slater.

Jameis Winston likes the dentist.


UVA concedes a loss to Duke today, promises victory on the hardcourt.

UVA shocker: not Anglophiles.


But is my green the same as your green?

Florida public education system just got put on blast.