Man, Jay Gruden Really Wants To Bench RGIII

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Last week, Washington coach Jay Gruden apparently won the power struggle with his quarterback for Dan Snyder's favor. On Sunday, Griffin kept the Skins in the game; he didn't do anything particularly well, but he didn't do anything egregious enough to warrant being benched for Colt McCoy. He'd better keep that up, because Gruden is pretty obviously looking for an excuse.

Gruden did his weekly show on CSN Washington yesterday, and as always, Dan Steinberg has the goods. I'm gonna bold a thing here, but honestly, it'd be more sensationalist not to.

How much time can you give [RGIII] to get comfortable?" Chick Hernandez asked Gruden. "How much time do you have?"

"Well, we want to beat Indianapolis," Gruden replied. "We want to win every game. And I have to put the people in there who [are] gonna help us win those games. And we're gonna seriously go down and look at this film, look at last week's film, look at Minnesota's film, look at Houston's film, and try to put a plan together that will help him succeed. Or we'll have to find out if somebody else is there that can help us beat Indianapolis instead."



Hernandez asked again if a change was possible.

"At this time, right now, Robert's my guy, right now," Gruden said.

Perhaps Gruden is just waiting for the perfect dramatic timing on this. Benching Griffin during a game against Andrew Luck and the playoff-bound Colts would fit the bill.


If Jay Gruden wanted to assure RGIII that his position was secure, he picked a strange way to do so [DC Sports Bog]