It is my fiduciary responsibility to alert you to this very NSFW photo of a Bears fan putting a stick of string cheese that is outfitted in a tiny Aaron Rodgers jersey up his butt. The Bears fan—Reddit user /u/mshotts—lost a bet and had to provide photographic evidence of it going up his butt. If you haven't lost a bet, you have no good excuse to look at this photo. It's really gross. Here we go.

The story goes, back in November on /r/NFL, mshotts was feeling bullish on the Bears' chances in the second half of the season. He wrote at the time:

If we go 5-11 I'll stick a cheesestick with a little Rodgers jersey up my ass with video proof. Go ahead and tag me.

The Bears went 5-11. Below, find the string cheese, the healing ointment apparently used as lubricant, the saran wrap condom, and one adorable handmade Aaron Rodgers jersey.

OK, here is the cheese in the butt:


Somehow, the post where the cheese in the butt turned into a contentious debate about several redditors' respective track records on Bears' free safety Chris Conte:

Edit 2: /u/Cockdieselallthetime doesn't want to quote me. Paraphrase what I said about Conte (in your opinion since you can't be bothered to quote) and we can have our discussion right here and now since you're more butthurt about that terrible discussion we apparently did or didn't have than I was about fucking myself with cheese.

God bless football.


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