Man Nonchalantly Pisses On Plane Seat And Himself

A passenger on a Frontier Airlines flight from Denver to Charleston, S.C. Thursday was arrested and charged after he touched his female seatmate, was moved to a different part of the cabin, and then peed all over himself while still seated.


Michael Haag, a 45-year-old from Colorado, was charged with a felony count of interfering with the flight crew and misdemeanor indecent exposure for his behavior. According to the arrest affidavit obtained by the Charleston Post and Courier, the pee-pee fiasco began when Haag wouldn’t stop talking to one of his seatmates about how he was looking forward to reuniting with an old flame:

At some point, he turned to a woman sitting next to him and described being “physically excited” to visit an old girlfriend in Charleston. The passenger threw on some headphones and tried to sleep.

But as Haag asked the woman about her relationship with her husband and looked at her legs, she later told the FBI, she grew “more and more uncomfortable.”

Haag then turned to another woman, who was asleep when she felt Haag touching her fingers. She lifted her head from her tray and found Haag looking away, “very agitated and shuffling things.”

He touched her leg, she later said.

“Stop touching me,” she yelled, as Haag leaned toward her and apologized. “Back off.”

After she said Haag touched her leg again, the woman stood and yelled for a flight attendant.

The flight crew moved Haag to a different row by himself. It was there that a third woman witnessed this:

Haag’s genitals aren’t visible, but his piss definitely is. Perhaps this was a result of ordering two double vodka tonics, which Haag is alleged to have done. Perhaps he had some other secret reason for pissing all over himself and the area in which he would be sitting for the next several hours. It’s hard to say how any of this was or wasn’t impacted by his choice to wear what appear to be open-toed shoes.

Fox 31 Denver had a phone call with the passenger who witnessed the pee stream. She claims that the flight crew told her to lower her voice when she screamed, “He’s fucking peeing.”

Haag had a court appearance Friday in Charleston and was released. He posted some photos of his favorite spots in the city on Instagram: