Man Pushes Teenager Off Lawnmower, Tebows, Drives Off

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Remember when Tebowing was a thing? Ah, we recall it like it was just yesterday. Thankfully, today's story takes place in Western Pennsylvania, where things often stick around years and even decades after they've gone out of style in the rest of the country.


According to a report obtained by The Smoking Gun, Shenango Township police are on the lookout for a man who assaulted a 17-year-old in front of his house Monday night. The kid drove his lawnmower out into the road when the suspect was driving by, and the suspect got out of his car, shoved the teen off the mower, assaulted him, then:

"The male then walked back towards his vehicle, stopping and kneeling down as if in prayer (a ‘Tebow')."


He then hauled ass out of there. Police are looking for a tall, bald man with glasses, and a predilection for memes at inappropriate times.

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