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You know, honestly, we almost feel bad bringing this up, because this is the type of thing Bad Media People do: They see an athlete do something "bad," even an athlete who, like in this case, they'd never heard of beforehand, and just draw large-scale conclusions based on sketchy facts and uninformed, mostly baseless preestablished opinions. It happens. It happens all the time.

That said ... he is a Bengal, and he just got arrested.

According to the Boone County Sheriff's Department, Bengals defensive back Johnathan Joseph was a passenger in a vehicle that was weaving around 2:15 Monday morning. When deputies stopped the vehicle, they said they detected an odor of drugs. Police said a search turned up a bag of marijuana, and Joseph was charged with possession.


Poor guy: Just trying to get home, and the lady driving him had to be weaving, busting the guy. That's nine now, by the way. You're next, Palmer.

Cincinnati Bengal Arrested For Pot Possession [WCPO]

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