Man Trolls Paul Bissonnette. Bissonnette Posts Man's Arrest Record.

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Coyotes tough guy Paul Bissonnette is also a Twitter tough guy. His very active life on social media gives fans an extra incentive to be jackasses: If they talk shit about him, they know he'll see it. Sometimes that's a bad thing.

Via The Nosebleeds, a Pittsburgh man named Matt Hogue decided to try and start something with Bissonnette. He sent dozens of tweets over the span of a few hours. The tweets are gone now (See update below), but they can be found via a Topsy search. Some examples:

"dude is old dog dirt on my shoe"

"I had that fish in your Moms..."

"still rocking the porn stache and little boy shorts?"

"Did you have roids with your slop tonight?"

"Is that nose as big in person? I bet you could fill up a sewer with that nose scum of yours."

"your Mom met your dad there on a conjugal visit with her Uncle"

"My boy just texted me asking why I'm wasting my time with some janitor like you. Back to the slop bucket for you."


You get the picture. But Hogue was about to learn there's nothing more dangerous than an NHL role player with time on his hands and a cursory knowledge of Google.


It was the first time Bissonnette had acknowledged Hogue. Hogue was psyched. His very last tweet ever:

Holy fuck my Twitter is blowing up because @BizNasty2point0 retweeted me.

That's when Bissonnette dropped the gloves.


Hogue deleted his Twitter account. Instigator penalty and game misconduct.

Update, 6:00 p.m: I spoke with Hogue on the phone this afternoon. He says he'd call his Twitter battle with Paul Bissonnette a draw.


He doesn't like Bissonnette because he considers him a Twitter bully, and took particular offense to Biz's crappy, offensive joke about Russians last year. He wonders why Bissonnette had to single him out of the hundreds of people who Tweet shit at him, though he admits trolling a hockey player on Twitter may not have been the best use of his time.

Hogue says he deactivated his Twitter account after receiving threats and angry messages from Bissonnette's followers, but will be back after everything dies down. He says he still think this whole spat is more funny than anything, but wonders how long he has to be reminded of his past. (Ed. reminder: Arrested for buying chainsaws with taxpayer money, and investigated for scamming a church.)


Hogue says he doesn't want anyone to think he's a troll hiding between a Twitter account, and says he'd happily meet Biz when the Coyotes come to Pittsburgh this season.