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Man V. Food Guy Gets In Trouble For Being An Internet Asshole

Illustration for article titled emMan V. Food/em Guy Gets In Trouble For Being An Internet Asshole

The Travel Channel has postponed Man Finds Food, the new show featuring professional human garbage-disposal Adam Richman that otherwise would have debuted tomorrow evening, after the host got into a fracas on the internet over the use of a dumb hashtag.


Let's recap this damn thing, so we can move onto the concluding paragraph featuring multiple brutal jokes about things eating things. So, about a week ago, Richman—who made his celebrity by causing you to wince and mutter, "Oh Jesus, I feel like I'm watching this guy kill himself" while he, sweaty and flushed and sad-looking, crammed heaps of fried trash into himself on television—posted a photo of his newly slimmed body on Instagram. In the caption of this photo, he used a bunch of hashtags; fatefully, one of these was "#thinspiration."


This is problematic—and not just because all hashtags are dumber than hell, all of them, literally every one of them ever used is fucking stupid, stop using them, everyone, right now, forever—but also because, as it turns out, #thinspiration is known to be something of a rallying cry in certain proudly body-shaming, pro-anorexia crowds. (Such things they got!)

Who knew? You probably didn't. Adam Richman probably also didn't. It doesn't matter. Point is, some more-hashtag-savvy-than-Adam-Richman individuals tried to educate the guy about the potential harm of seeming to ally himself with some really nasty, toxic corners of the internet, and Adam... well, Adam didn't handle it so well. He handled it poorly. He was not his best self.

That is to say that he called them bags of shit and told them to commit suicide. Maybe not the best look, Eater Guy!

So now, irony of ironies, internet stupidity has consumed the bozo who eats weird stuff. The safe bet is, the next time Adam Richman makes the news for eating something, it'll be ... [drum roll] ... a heaping helping ... [more drum roll] ... of ... [drummer rolls eyes] ... crow!


[Groan so loud and deep it gives all the world's blue whales boners.]

[Actually he's apologized already, via Good Morning America: "I've long struggled with my body image and have worked very hard to achieve a healthy weight. I'm incredibly sorry to everyone I've hurt."]


["Yay! Now maybe there's still a chance I'll get to watch his bad new show!"—no one.]

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