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Manchester City Confirm That Pep Guardiola Will Be Their Next Manager

As has been widely speculated for years now, and especially after the December announcement that Pep Guardiola would be stepping down as Bayern Munich manager at the end of this season, Manchester City have officially confirmed that Guardiola will take over for Manuel Pellegrini this summer.


Here’s the club’s statement:

While this is certainly good news for all City fans and neutrals who were excited to see what Guardiola could do in the Premier League with a club with City’s resources and stature, it still puts Pellegrini and his squad in a strange position, fighting for titles they still have every chance of winning, yet knowing that no matter what happens the manager will be gone in the summer. At the very least, Pellegrini now knows the exact date the Sword of Damocles that has been hanging over him since the moment he took the job will fall. Whether this news engenders inspires or distraction in the club, we’ll have to wait and see. Regardless, it’s hard to argue that this isn’t the right move in the long term.

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