The Colts and the Chargers face off tonight at Qualcomm Stadium in a battle between two goofy looking quarterbacks. You can be sure that Peyton is trying to forget his crappy performances to start the season and the fact that the Chargers knocked the Colts out of last year's playoffs. Rivers is currently the AFC's highest-rated quarterback and he's one touchdown shy of his career high of 21. Last year's powerhouse RB, LaDanian Tomlinson, is currently ranked 35th in the NFL. So much for being one of the league's most consistent players. But we can blame that on the toe, right? Enjoy the game if you're a fan of either team. Thanks for sticking around, have a great Thanksgiving this week (except for you lame Canadians) and I'll see you all in December. There's no live blog tonight, so hang out here for your open thread.